Junia Arise

By Apostle, Dr. Yolanda Powell

A revolutionary documentary film that unveils a seventeen century old biblical cover up of female leadership in society.

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Dear Project Backers,

First, what is/was Junia Arise?

JUNIA ARISE represents the breaking of the chains for all women, everywhere.

Junia Arise

On the 11-14th days of July 2018 in Washington D.C. USA, a team of apostles & prophets released a blessing over women of global proportions. Every moment, our video production team was there to capture this historic benchmark of female power and leadership-and it was truly unlocked!

Junia Arise

There is an ‘inside look’ into the meeting of this Congressional Summit of appointed apostles who have released a ‘supersonic’ spiritual wave of spiritual truth, healing, and restoring upon women to God’s calling in ‘their place as equals’ in the home, the Spirit, and the community.

Junia Arise

If you back us, we will share this incredible ground shaking conference, as a theatrical-length documentary film with both Hollywood appeal and Holy Ghost truth. We need to reach our minimum goal of $100,000 to get started. We are sending out this beacon to people all over the world, yet we still need YOU to be a part of our backer team. It takes 1,000 people with $100 to set this movie in motion. We really need your support! And we thank you so kindly and so truly for standing with us, right here, and right now.

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Junia Arise

It’s also important to note that this is not just an empowerment movie for women. Junia Arise is also a birthing center for breakthroughs, great ideas, fresh perspectives and the true callings nestled in female wombs and inspired by feminine hearts all around the world. For centuries, women have been birthing more than human life. Our ideas, abilities, and skills have become leading innovations in business, policy, education, science, diplomacy, social responsibility, mathematics, faith, and far more–since the beginning of human history.

Junia Arise

Junia Arise was designed and manifested as an ancient theological excavation and historical dissection of Holy Scriptures that evidence God’s will concerning women and their callings to many of the highest levels of leadership. Seventeen centuries ago, the most powerful institution in the world was the Church. The fact that Junia (a woman) was a ranking apostolic leader in the church of “outstanding” notoriety (see, Romans 16:7) set a precedent that women have a place as leaders in society from the top down. However, in the 4th Century, there was a forging of Holy Writ, in an attempt to silence the Word of God concerning women.

Junia Arise

But now we know the truth, and it’s time to reverse the damage once and for all, by restoring the role of women as leaders with the power of the Holy Spirit. The error was legislatively vetoed and the truth forever enacted. This proclamation has already been unlocked and released to all women for all times (born and unborn) – regardless of our differences. We are now liberated from the shackles and prisons of ‘second-class’ labels and will ultimately bring forth the full restoration of our inheritance as equal & rightful heirs. This has already been done as of July 2018, and now it is time to share this supernatural event as a revolutionary documentary film.

You have to see this! #MeToo

Yours truly,

Dr. Yolanda Powell | Marketplace Apostle

Junia Arise

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Junia Arise

A very special thanks to our Epic Congressional Leadership Team:

Apostle Axel Sippach | Epic Global Network – Seabeck, WA; Prophet Jenice Gentry | Free Indeed Church – Houston, TX; Pastor Nicole Davis | Empower2Engage – Baltimore, MD; Dr. Shirley Brown | Destiny International Ministries – Raleigh, NC; Prophet Belinda Allen | Breakthrough Life Church -Glendale, AZ; Apostle Adrienne Sumler | Kingdom Ambassadorial Worship Center Int’l – LaPlace, LA; Apostle Kimberly Grant-Bynoe | Int’l Dream Team Christian Association Inc | Atlanta, GA; Prophet Jackie Betty | Heart Trust/NTA – West Palm Beach, FL; Apostle Samantha Williams | Soul Harvest Creative Praise Ministries – Fort Lauderdale, FL; Dr. Marjorie Brown | Dominion International Ministries – Upper Marlboro, MD;

Other Summit Leaders, Award Recipients & Participants (pictured): Pastor Johnna Nico | God Chasers Outreach Ministries – Port Arthur, TX; Apostle Delmarva Johnson | Warriors of Christ Ministries – Wilmington, NC; Prophet Shavonne Womack | Prayer Love Laughter Women’s Outreach – Edgewood, MD; Apostle Linda Calloway | Rivers of Living Water International Ministerial Institute – Houston, TX; Minister Sylather Collins | Kingdom Entrepreneur – Jacksonville, FL; Apostle Tammy Morgan | Breakthrough to Glory Ministries – Boston, MA; Dr. Saundra Rhode | Gate 12 Youth Program – Mitchellville, MD; Prophet Tina Talley | Power of Rhema Church – Durham, NC; Apostle Delmarva Johnson | Warriors of Christ – Wilmington, NC

Other Summit Leaders & Participants (not pictured): Apostle Crystal DeWar | The Vision Center – Beaufort, SC; Prophet Michelle Brown-McKoy | Prophetic Charge Ministries – Bronx, NY; Apostle Monique Hall | Blueprint Church – Anniston, AL; Apostle Sandy Quinonez | Kingdom Impact Ministries – New Bern, NC; Apostle Joy Champ | New Hope New Life Center – Hattiesburg, MS; Prophet Avis Winfrey | Freedom Church Int’l – Pell City, AL

The Andronicus Men’s Panel: Pastor William Powell | Dominion Int’l Ministries – Upper Marlboro, MD; Apostle Ibrahim Womack | I.R. Womack Ministries – Edgewood, MD; Tony Davis | Empower2Engage – Baltimore, MD; Apostle Johnny Gentry | Free Indeed Church – Houston, TX; Apostle James Talley | Power of Rhema Church – Durham, NC; Prophet Vincent Winfrey | Freedom Church Int’l – Pell City, AL; Apostle Joe Consonero | Apostolic Ministries – Greeley, CO

Junia Arise

Special Acknowledgements to our Proposed International Champions & Apostolic Leadership Educators

Ambassador Alicia Jobity-Liverpool | The Reign Society – St. Maarten-Dutch Caribbean; Dr. Faith C. Wokoma | Legacy Center Church -Raleigh, North Carolina ; Dr. Alexia Maston-McClinton | Kingdom Nation Entertainment Group – Austin, Texas; Apostle Shyami Marjidan | Prominence International – Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Apostle Regine Heimann, The Wonder Woman Group – Turku, Finland; Pastor Marika Olenko, Palivere Asundus, Laanemaa, Estonia; Prophet Michelle McClain-Walters | Chosen Enterprises – Orlando, Florida; Pastor Chantal Mudahogora | Baca International Ministries – Toronto, Canada; Apostle Alice Mignonne | Women Foundation Ministries – Kigali, Rwanda; Prophet Rozanna Isaacs | The Royal Capital Education Center – Queenstown, South Africa; Dr. Verbenia Sousa | Fire and Glory Ministries – Orlando, Florida; Apostle Melvyn David – New Beginnings Ministries International | Klang, Malaysia; Cherie Banks | CEO Influencer – Dallas, Texas; Apostle Hector Gomez | Southern California & Yucatan (Merida), Mexico; Prophet Elizabeth Hawker | Leap of Faith Mission/The Gathering – Junction City, Oregon; Pastor Aarne Heide | Parnu Kristlik Vabakogudus – Parnu, Estonia; Apostle Trena Stephenson | Bridge Alliance – Baltimore, Maryland; Apostle Kimberly Grant-Bynoe | Int’l Dream Team Christian Association Inc – Atlanta, GA; Apostle Michele Toussaint | Manifesting International Kingdom Alliance/MIKA – Austin, TX; Wendi Ann Peck |John Maxwell Certified Speaker – Wiesbaden, Germany; Apostle Tamra Landrum | Fresh Fire Ekklesia – Onalaska, TX

Junia Arise

T-Shirt Front

Junia Arise

T-Shirt Back

Risks and challenges

Fortunately, we have already overcome our greatest challenge–financing and launching this one-of-kind conference, and capturing everything on tape. Over the next several months we will be developing a seamless production that includes music, artistry, and an assembly of supporting clips to deliver a powerful theatrical film production. This will require additional intellectual property licensing. We will need to have those materials made available to us at the quoted cost in order to achieve use of those particular materials. In the event we are unable to acquire some additional copyrights, we may simply pursue alternatives to complete our production and deliver a high quality film to our backers. The production/storyboarding/editing and artistry teams and their respective members, equipment, and software materials may face technical difficulties or other complications that might cause delays regarding our delivery dates as projected. In such instances, we can assure you that we will make best efforts with available funds to replace and/or supplement persons and/or equipment in a reasonable time to deliver this documentary as intended. Further, the technical complexity associated with delivering a broadcast film event online to an international audience is subject to numerous potential complications, including loss of connection, web server failures, and other challenges that might arise with a live broadcast. We assure you, that we will make best efforts to anticipate such complications and prevent them, and have considered the appropriate solution, and will continue to test this for quality assurance leading up to the screening in order to provide you with a high quality, uninterrupted, live screening of Junia Arise. Everything we set out to do is planned to be accomplished by reaching our minimum fundraising goal of $100,000. Although, our mission calls us to share this message around the world with as many women as possible. That may entail closed captions in many other languages, and translation is very costly. Our budget is set to cover exactly what we need to get this production completed initially. However, once the initial budget is achieved, we will set a $250,000 stretch goal in order to take this project to the nations with an organized marketing campaign, and perhaps a number of events leading up to the release next Spring (2020). Also, as we receive inquiries about the project we will begin to post frequently asked questions in our FAQ section for quick reference. Also, look out for updates over the next 12 months leading up to the release of Junia Arise. We look forward to sharing this big screen mission and vision with you. Blessings to all!

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